Music Interests

Music theory, music lessons, and a few different instruments.  A collection of music information I have to get back to.  I use my site for my personal library you know. 🙂

I will play with the masters one day.  I take that back, I play with those I deem masters all the time in my mind!  Ani and I rock out and banter and snipe at each other on oh so current affairs, KT Tunstall and I we muse on loss and love and the sweet sweet angst of it and we like to sit on the porch and play, and Dave, oooh Dave my love and I well my fantasy jams with him take place so many places, but a bunch around fires with lots of my other fantasy fire circle “if you could jam around a fire who would you want there” type of things….who would you want?  Leave your answers below in the comments!

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